Keep ME Healthy Form for Maine Visitors

To help “Keep Maine Healthy,” guests of Maine commercial lodging establishments, campgrounds, seasonal rentals, or short- term rentals are required to complete this certificate prior to their stay. Residents of Maine, and residents of states currently exempted from testing or quarantine requirements (list available at do not need to fill out the Certificate of Compliance. The Maine State CDC recommends that all children older than 12 months receive a COVID- 19 test. Please note that our hotel management or staff will not ask for any proof of compliance of the quarantine requirement nor are we expected to enforce this guideline. We also will not ask for proof of a negative COVID-19 test, due to HIPAA laws.

Testing Protocols

COVID-19 testing applies only to the adults in the travel party. However, the Maine State CDC recommends that all children older than 12 months receive a COVID-19 test.

We urge visitors to “Know Before You Go.” Get a COVID-19 test and receive results in your home state before traveling. If you cannot, or choose not to get tested in your own state, you can get tested once you arrive. However, you must quarantine in Maine until you receive your test results. So, check with a Maine testing provider in advance of your visit for availability of tests and turn-around time for results. Testing options nationwide can be found at Get Tested COVID-19.

If you are tested in your home state within 72 hours of your arrival and have not received a result before your departure from home, you may come to Maine and quarantine until your result is received.

Quarantine Protocols

During quarantine, visitors may not interact with others outside their travel party or go into public spaces like shops and restaurants. They may go outside for recreation in uncrowded areas provided they abide by physical distancing guidelines and avoid contact with other people.

For example, if you can do the following a safe distance away from other people, you may:

  • go for walks and hikes in uncrowded areas
  • canoe and kayak
  • bike on uncrowded trails
  • swim in lakes, ponds and rivers
  • take a scenic drive
  • relax and take in the views
  • get takeout and delivered meals

Keep Maine Healthy Certificate of Compliance for Maine Visitors

  • The State of Maine asks you to review and attest to the following:

  • 2. I certify that I have not had close contact with anyone over the last 10 days who is confirmed to have COVID-19.

  • (Note: Visitors may be tested for COVID-19 in Maine, but remain in quarantine while awaiting the result.)

  • 4. While in Maine, I agree to do my part to Keep Maine Healthy by following recommended safety measures in order to protect myself and others.

  • Dated: