“Those Are Amazing Sheets”

“Those Are Amazing Sheets”

Often, guests comment on how much they LOVE our bed linens. To ensure that you have the best rest possible while staying at Grand Harbor Inn, we pay just as much attention to our bed linens and bath towels as we do to the other onsite amenities. The sheets we use from a company called Comphy; they definitely have an ultra-luxurious touch and feel. 

From Comphy’s Website:

Luxury + Quality = Comphy but what is Comphy?

Comphy is proud to be the leading provider of massage linens to the spa world, and now the benefits of our luxurious fabrics are available for your home. Comphy products were developed specifically for spa and offer the best in durability, sustainability, design and quality. In addition, Comphy is known for excellent customized service. Most importantly, Comphy linens live up to their name. The indescribably soft feel of the high-performance, superior quality microfiber is comparable to 600 thread count sheets.


Comphy bedding took a lot of time and hard work to develop. Founder Mia Richardson, a spa director at the time, decided to make it her life’s mission to develop the most innovative luxury linens imaginable for the spa industry. She spent years doing research and development to get the quality just right, and in no time Comphy became the leading spa linen in the world. But to get the same quality for home linens, which spa guests began requesting adamantly, even further research was required to keep the fabric’s signature softness in much larger sheet dimensions. Thankfully, success was achieved. We are committed to always setting the bar higher for excellence. While others imitate, we innovate.


Navigating the world of sustainable linens can be as multi-layered as a fully-dressed bed. There are many factors to consider when you’re trying to make the smarter choice. At Comphy, not only do we understand this, we’ve made it a priority in everything we do.

Eco-friendly reasons to choose Comphy:
Comphy linens use less energy than any alternative. They’re lighter than cotton, therefore they dry faster.
Comphy linens are recyclable.
Comphy linens last 2-3 times longer than a standard cotton sheet. Replacing your sheets less frequently significantly adds to sustainability.
Comphy linens are wrinkle free. You’ll use less energy from pressing equipment.


We engaged a research firm to study the sleep habits and patterns of test participants, and results show people sleep two hours longer, fall asleep faster and wake up less frequently when sleeping on Comphy sheets. We spend a third of our lives in bed–so spend it well.

Experience the comfort of Grand Harbor Inn at home, with Comfy’s line of bed linens, which are featured in all guest rooms at Grand Harbor Inn. 


And what about our towels?

Our towels also get rave reviews- they’re also a guest favorite! We use a line of luxury towels from the company Turkish Towel Company.  

Why are they so luxurious? 

  • Turkish cotton is premium cotton that has extra long fibers. Using longer fiber cotton in spinning yarn means fewer joins. Fewer joins results in stronger and smoother cotton threads.
  • Turkish cotton is long fiber cotton and is grown in the small but productive Aegean Region.
  • Turkish cotton becomes even softer, fluffier, and more absorbent with successive washings.
  • All the products from Turkish Towel Company are OEKO-TEX® certified, free of any harmful chemicals and ethically made.

To learn more or to purchase, visit https://turkishtowelcompany.com

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